Hemstitch Napkins with beautiful Festive Colors.
In three different color styles.
Hemstitch Napkin in Multi Colors.
Hemstitch Napkin White with color border
Hemstitch Napkin in Solid color.

Festive Multicolor Hemstitch Napkins.
Orange & Bright Green Hemsttich Napkins.
Aqua & Fuchsia Rose Hemstitch Napkins.
Aqua & Bright Green Hemstitch Napkins.
Chocolate & Aqua Hemstitch Napkins.
Many More Hemstitch Napkins for selection.

Hemstitch Napkins with Festive color trimming. Napkin size 18″ x 18″.

Hemstitch Napkin White with Exotic Orange color border
Hemstitch Napkin White with Burnt Orange color border.
Hemstitch Napkin White with Kelly Green color border
And many many more color for selections.

Hemstitch Napkin in Solid Colors. 18″ x 18″.

Hemstitch Napkin in Burnt Orange color
Hemstitch Napkin in Kelly Green color.
Hemstitch Napkin in Aqua Marine Blue color.
Plus many many more color for selections.